Email: mbarker [AT] riseup.net

Tweets: @mbarker_mike

I am a member of the Socialist Party (England and Wales) which is related to the US-based Socialist Alternative.

I have been writing for alternative media outlets since 2006, and at present I am a regular contributor to Swans Commentary. My work has been published by the following media organizations: Captalism Nature SocialismCeasefire Magazine, Corporate Watch (UK), Countercurrents, CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Fifth Estate Online, Green Left Weekly, Jacobin, Media-ocracy, Monthly Review Zine, New Community Quarterly, New Left Project, One Struggle, PULSE Media, Spinwatch, Socialist Project, State of Nature, Theory In Action, The Real News NetworkUpside Down World, Variant, and in the past I was a regular contributor to Znet.

I have published various articles about local political struggles at Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist since 2012.

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